We encourage you to plan your sleeping accommodations to stay with your moped quarantine bubbles. If you are splitting an Airbnb house with friends from out of state, try to have designated rooms and bathrooms for each crew. Conveniently, we are all meeting up in a town that was made for people to visit- that means that there’s a plethora of rental houses/condos and hotel rooms all within walking distance of each other and to the oceanfront. 

Please read on to be aware about where to book places so you won’t be bamboozled!


All the online sites are sneaky and probably don’t realize that even though geographically a spot may appear close, the reality is that it might take ya a few hours to get to Carolina Beach from where you are staying.


Example- Southport is super close by across the river... BUT in reality it is $3 and a 35 minute ferry ride on top of waiting for said ferry, and that’s assuming the weather conditions are good!


According to the Carolina Beach State Park website, campsites are now fully booked for the weekend!


As a general FYI for anyone coming or looking to come-

I specifically rented a beach house that has a large, private garage so that anyone who needs a safe and secure place to store their bike(s) over the weekend has a place to do so if they can't keep mopeds at their sleeping accommodations. (Sorry though, no more room for peeps; only their mopeds.) Send me a message or hit me up in the instagram DM's for more info!

If you need help or recommendations for places to stay, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.  I've compiled a list of great AirBnBs and hotels available in the area, and would love to help you find the perfect place that fits your crew and budget!





  • Carolina Beach

  • Wilmington Beach (part of CB, but shows up by itself on some sites)

  • Kure Beach

  • Fort Fisher


Additionally, if you are looking for camping- 

(*you are required to have 4WD and obtain a permit to enter this area of the island; you will be driving and camping on the actual beach, which is actually pretty darn cool! Lots ‘o’ sand though; so much sand, but lots of stars visible at night here!)