Schedule of Events


  • 5pm check in time! Meet us on the deck at Nollie's Taco Joint in Carolina Beach to get your Beach Cruise pack, t-shirt, wristband, and raffle tickets!

  • Grab some tacos or other delicious menu options for dinner and catch up with friends!

  • "Just the Tip"- after everyone has had dinner and checked in, we'll be having a short and sweet group ride down to the southern tip of Pleasure Island to watch the sun set. This will be a slow ride, so if you're bringing a buffet of mopeds with you, this will be the night enjoy your stock bike for an easy 15 mile round trip. Sunset is at 7:38pm, so lets maybe aim to leave at 7pm, eh?

  • After the ride everyone will be free to explore the Carolina Beach boardwalk, kick back with friends on the beach, or even fall asleep in a hammock listening to the crashing of the waves!


  • Long ride day over land and sea! Total distance will be about 70 miles. Expect to be able to take your ride for an actual ride at some point on this ride, hah- that means weather permitting we will be taking the Fort Fisher ferry to Southport and surrounding area. This ride will be broken into two main parts for those who might want some extra beach time to explore on their own or who aren't comfortable with the last half that will be faster paced.

  • Ride leave time and specific location TBA. It will be in Carolina Beach and it will be in the morning (aka before noon). View the Long Ride FAQ for more info.

  • Dinner will be on the beach- access point will be announced. A dear friend of mopeds and amazing chef will have a fresh seafood themed meal ready for us to savor by the sea. Be sure to bring your beach towel included in your rally pack so you have something to sit on, unless you really like sand!

  • After dinner we'll head over to the outdoor venue for the raffle, drinks, and fun. We have some awesome raffle prize packs, and maybe a surprise moped (or two?!)... who knows- anything is possible! What I do know and can tell you is that raffle tickets are just a $1 per ticket.


  • Last group ride of Moped Spring Break (insert sad face) to Reggie's 42 Street Tavern in downtown Wilmington if you don't have to leave quite yet to return home, or if you're already packed up, swing on by for lunch.

  • Grills will be grilling burgers for lunch to those in attendance.

  • First half will be a slower paced beach cruise; this part will probably be about 30mph max and zig zagging across the island to see all the best sites before catching a ferry at Fort Fisher to sail over to Southport.

  • I'm coordinating with the NCDOT Ferry Division to ensure the 35 minute boat ride for the entire group will be as smooth as possible. The price of your ticket for the ferry trip to Southport is included in your registration fee.

  • If you choose to split from the main ride to enjoy more of Southport or other attractions back at the beach, you will be responsible for catching the ferry back to Fort Fisher on your own. The return trip will cost you $3 per moped/rider. Be sure to pay attention to the ferry schedule- a copy will be provided to you in your rally pack!

  • I repeat- don't miss the ferry to get back to Fort Fisher unless your moped can swim 7 miles in the ocean!

  • The second half of the long ride will consist of some longer stretches at "faster" speeds; 40-45mph top speed if you're trying to plan ahead on typically empty scenic back roads with no turns. We'll be traveling north to Wilmington, over the Cape Fear and back down to Carolina Beach/Pleasure Island.

Long Ride FAQ