COVID-19 Safety Plan

The big thing on everyone’s mind (other than will there be t-shirts) is “but the pandemic” and “is this too soon?”.


We want to give everyone an important heads up that with every step of planning we are figuring out the best solutions to play safe and have the best time ever. This weekend will be all about being outdoors with fresh sea breezes and miles of sandy beaches. It will also still be off season for tourism, so that means a lot less crowds and people in general; most likely the beaches will be pretty empty.  


We encourage you to plan your sleeping accommodations to stay with your moped quarantine bubbles; I feel like that is something pretty standard that we did before. If you are splitting an Airbnb house with friends from out of state, try to have designated rooms and bathrooms for each crew. Conveniently, we are all meeting up in a town that was made for people to visit- that means that there’s a plethora of rental houses/condos and hotel rooms all within walking distance of each other and to the oceanfront.


When we’re not riding or napping, there are plenty of ways to socialize safely in Carolina Beach that you wouldn’t find at other rally destinations across the country. CB has a beautiful quaint boardwalk that dates back to the 1930’s with several outdoor bars, food, taco shack, ice cream stand, shops, etc. It’s the perfect place to “meet up” and wander without everyone getting stuck in one venue. 



We will be implementing a COVID-19 safety plan; we encourage EVERYONE to get tested before they arrive. Be mindful and be safe during your travels between your home and the beach destination. We know we can’t enforce everyone to do this, but, stay tuned, because instead of making a list of rules we have devised some silly fun bonus perks and incentives to motivate everyone to play safe!