Points of Interest

We want you to get the most out of your spring break vacation, so here's a few of our organizer's favorite spots on Pleasure Island!


This vintage boardwalk that dates back to the 1930's is only 2 blocks long, but packed with classic Carolina Beach charm. Britt's Donuts is a must, period. A visit to play some games in the Arcade is also a must. Stop into one of the touristy beach shops to get your beach souvenir fix. If you're looking to go home with a pet hermit crab, well you're in luck, because this is the spot to make that dream come true too!

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For those of you stoked to bring your board to skate at the park, this is your go-to spot to refuel after a sesh! "So-Cal inspired tacos surrounded by positive, laid back, skateboarding inspired vibes. Alongside the taco, our menu boasts options such as burritos, salads, quesadillas, nachos, and rotating homemade desserts. With vegan and vegetarian options, there are delicious bites for everyone at the Joint." They also have a wide variety of beer and other alcoholic beverages.

*I should also mention we love them even more than before for being an awesome friend of Moped Spring Break! They're graciously lending us their deck for check-in and prepared for everyone to "drop-in" Friday evening for dinner. Be sure to give them all the love and support possible! Thank you so, so much Nollie's! I'm super stoked we get to kick off our spring break beach cruise weekend starting with them!

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