About the Moped Spring Break Beach Cruise

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Yes, the rumors are true. The Moped Spring Break Beach Cruise is happening April 9th thru the 11th, 2021 in Carolina Beach, North Carolina!

And yes, to answer your question, there will be t-shirts. Registration is $25 which includes your rally pack, Saturday dinner (fresh/local caught seafood boil on the beach! YUM!), and a brand new feature just released for playing Mopedz in 2021- the “MCOPID-19 SAFETY PACK” (pronounced mack-opp-id; motor+pedal=moped… moped+covid=mcopid).

The Moped Spring Break Beach Cruise is conveniently located right near Wilmington, NC and easy to get to. Literally just get to I-40 and head east; don't stop until you see the ocean!

Carolina Beach is a little beach town located on one of North Carolina's numerous barrier islands and most appropriately named- Pleasure Island. The island is just less than 20 miles long and consists of Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Fort Fisher. The speed limit across Pleasure Island is pretty much about 35mph, which makes it ideal for cruising around on your favorite moped!

*Please note the deadline (3/21/21) to guarantee you receive a t-shirt in the size you want has now passed and only a limited number are left.

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